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Alpha Matting

ArUco Marker Detection

Barcode detecting and decoding methods

Improved Background-Foreground Segmentation Methods

Biologically inspired vision models and derivated tools

Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction

Custom Calibration Pattern for 3D reconstruction

Core functionality

Operations on Matrices

Background Segmentation

Video Encoding/Decoding

Feature Detection and Description

Image Filtering

Image Processing

Object Detection

Optical Flow

Stereo Correspondence

Image Warping

GUI for Interactive Visual Debugging of Computer Vision Programs

Deep Neural Network module

DNN used for super resolution

Deformable Part-based Models

Face Analysis

2D Features Framework

Clustering and Search in Multi-Dimensional Spaces

Drawing UTF-8 strings with freetype/harfbuzz

Image processing based on fuzzy mathematics

Hierarchical Data Format I/O routines

Hierarchical Feature Selection for Efficient Image Segmentation

High-level GUI

The module brings implementations of different image hashing algorithms.

Image file reading and writing

Image Processing

The module brings implementations of intensity transformation algorithms to adjust image contrast.

Binary descriptors for lines extracted from an image

Macbeth Chart module

Machine Learning

Object Detection

Optical Flow Algorithms

OGRE 3D Visualiser

Phase Unwrapping API

Computational Photography

Reexported platform types that are used by OpenCV

Plot function for Mat data

silhouette based 3D object tracking

RGB-Depth Processing

Saliency API

Structure From Motion

Shape Distance and Matching

Stereo Correspondance Algorithms

Images stitching

Structured Light API

Super Resolution

Surface Matching

Scene Text Detection and Recognition

Tracking API

Video Analysis

Video I/O

Video Stabilization

3D Visualizer

WeChat QR code detector for detecting and parsing QR code.

Extra 2D Features Framework

Extended Image Processing

Extended object detection

Additional photo processing algorithms



Type Definitions