About Docs.rs

Docs.rs is an open source documentation host for crates of the Rust Programming Language. All libraries published to crates.io are documented. If you just published a crate, your crate is likely still in the queue.

The source code of Docs.rs is available on GitHub. If you ever encounter an issue, don't hesitate to report it! (And thanks in advance!)

More about Docs.rs

  1. Badges: How to use badges generated by Docs.rs
  2. Builds: How Docs.rs builds documentation for a crate
  3. Metadata: How you can configure a build
  4. Redirections: How Docs.rs uses semantic versioning in URLs


Currently running Docs.rs version is: 0.6.0 (2d4f32bd 2024-05-19)


Summaries of the documentation build processes are available at /releases/.


Docs.rs is run and maintained by the Docs.rs team. You can find us in #t-docs-rs on Zulip.