glutin 0.22.0

Cross-platform OpenGL context provider.

The purpose of this library is to provide an OpenGL Context on as many platforms as possible.

Building a WindowedContext<T>

A WindowedContext<T> is composed of a Window and an OpenGL Context.

Due to some operating-system-specific quirks, glutin prefers control over the order of creation of the Context and Window. Here is an example of building a WindowedContext<T>:

# fn main() {
let el = glutin::event_loop::EventLoop::new();
let wb = glutin::window::WindowBuilder::new()
.with_title("Hello world!")
.with_inner_size(glutin::dpi::LogicalSize::new(1024.0, 768.0));
let windowed_context = glutin::ContextBuilder::new()
.build_windowed(wb, &el)
# }

You can, of course, create a RawContext<T> separately from an existing window, however that may result in an suboptimal configuration of the window on some platforms. In that case use the unsafe platform-specific [RawContextExt] available on unix operating systems and Windows.

You can also produce headless Contexts via the [ContextBuilder::build_headless] function.