glutin 0.20.0

Cross-platform OpenGL context provider.

The purpose of this library is to provide an OpenGL context on as many platforms as possible.

Building a WindowedContext

A WindowedContext is composed of a Window and an OpenGL Context.

Due to some operating-system-specific quirks, glutin prefers control over the order of creation of the Context and Window. Here is an example of building a WindowedContext the prefered way:

# fn main() {
let el = glutin::EventsLoop::new();
let wb = glutin::WindowBuilder::new()
.with_title("Hello world!")
.with_dimensions(glutin::dpi::LogicalSize::new(1024.0, 768.0));
let windowed_context = glutin::ContextBuilder::new()
.build_windowed(wb, &el)
# }

You can, of course, create an OpenGL Context separately from an existing window, however that may result in an suboptimal configuration of the window on some platforms. In that case use "SeparatedContext".