pub use embedded_hal as hal;
pub use nb;


Analog to digital converter configuration. According to CubeMx, all STM32F4 chips use the same ADC IP so this should be correct for all variants.

Bit banding

Controller Area Network (CAN) Interface

CRC32 Calculation Unit

API for the Digital to Analog converter

Direct Memory Access.

Debug and trace and stuff

LCD interface using the Flexible Memory Controller (FMC) / Flexible Static Memory Controller (FSMC)

General Purpose Input / Output

I2S (inter-IC Sound) communication using SPI peripherals

USB OTG full-speed peripheral

Re-export of the svd2rust auto-generated API for the stm32f429 peripherals. Peripheral access API for STM32F429 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust v0.19.0 ( ))

Convenience re-export of multiple traits.

Quadrature Encoder Interface

Clock configuration.

Hardware random number generator.

Interface to the real time clock. See STM32F303 reference manual, section 27. For more details, see ST AN4759

Asynchronous serial communication using UART/USART peripherals

Device electronic signature


Watchdog peripherals


Turns the non-blocking expression $e into a blocking operation.


Enumeration of all the interrupts.

Attribute Macros