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Spine runtime for Rust (and wasm!) transpiled from the official C Runtime. Supports Spine 4.1.

To load a Skeleton, see SkeletonJson or SkeletonBinary.

To set automatic mix durations (crossfading) between animations, see AnimationStateData.

To find and manage bones, see Bone.

To receive animation events, see Event.


Types related to atlases.
Direct access to the Spine C Runtime.
Helper structs for interacting with C pointers in safe rust.
Provides SkeletonController, a helper struct for updating and drawing Spine skeletons.
Helpers types for drawing Spine skeletons.
Allow overriding the Spine C Runtime extension functions.


Stores timelines for animating a skeleton.
The live animation state for a skeleton, allowing animation layering and crossfading.
Animation settings used to instantiate AnimationState.
An atlas loaded from Spine’s .atlas file format.
Slot attachments.
A bone within the Skeleton hierarchy.
Static bone data imported from Spine.
A storeable reference to a Bone.
An attachment made up of vertices for use in collision detection, hitboxes, etc.
An attachment which clips rendering of other attachments.
RGBA F32 color that is byte-compatible with the Spine runtime.
Events fired from animations.
Static event data imported from Spine.
A deforming mesh attachment.
An attachment of vertices forming a Bezier curve.
A lightweight, single point attachment with a position and rotation.
An attachment which draws a texture.
A wrapper around a user data void pointer found on a few Spine C structs.
A live Skeleton instance created from SkeletonData.
A loader for Spine binary files.
Static skeleton data imported from Spine.
A loader for Spine json files.
A container for attachments which can be applied to a skeleton.
A storeable reference to a Skin.
A slot for an attachment.
Static slot data imported from Spine.
A storeable reference to a Slot.
A storeable reference to a TrackEntry.