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Diagnostics creation and emission for rustc.

This module contains the code for creating and emitting diagnostics.


pub use emitter::ColorConfig;


Emit diagnostics using the annotate-snippets library

The current rustc diagnostics emitter.

A JSON emitter for errors.



Used for emitting structured error messages and other diagnostic information.

Signifies that the compiler died with an explicit call to .bug or .span_bug rather than a failed assertion, etc.

Used as a return value to signify a fatal error occurred. (It is also used as the argument to panic at the moment, but that will eventually not be true.)

A handler deals with errors and other compiler output. Certain errors (fatal, bug, unimpl) may cause immediate exit, others log errors for later reporting.

A “sub”-diagnostic attached to a parent diagnostic. For example, a note attached to an error.

See the docs on CodeSuggestion::substitutions


Indicates the confidence in the correctness of a suggestion.

A key denoting where from a diagnostic was stashed.



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