pipedconsole 0.0.2

Piped console is a (currently windows-only) rust crate wich allows you to easily manage two or more different consoles from within one process.
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A rust crate for managing multiple consoles from one windows application.

Normaly a program running on windows can only use one console.

A process can be associated with only one console, so the AllocConsole function fails if the calling process already has a console.

From the microsoft docs.

This crate solves this problem by providing an abstraction over a worker process wich is controlled using named pipes.


You can use the Console class to create a new console, after that you can write to it or read a line.

use pipedconsole::Console;

let console = Console::new("My Console").expect("Failed to create a new console");
console.println("What is your name?").expect("Failed to call println"); // a seperate console window

let mut name = String::new();
console.read_line(&mut name).expect("Failed to read from the console");
println!("Your name is: {}", name); // main processe's console

Documentation and download

Download the crate either directly through Cargo or visit crates.io.

More documentation can be found on docs.rs.