cargo-crev 0.8.0

Scalable, social, Code REView system that we desperately need - Rust/cargo frontend
cargo-crev-0.8.0 is not a library.

cargo-crev - Cargo Code REView!


Crev is a language and ecosystem agnostic, distributed Code REView system.

cargo-crev is a CLI implementation/frontend of Crev integrated with cargo and targeting Rust/ ecosystem.

cargo-crev is a tool helping Rust users evalute quality and trustworthiness of dependencies they use.

How it works

  • Identify your dependencies: list in many useful ways.
  • Review crates: judge their safety, quality and document problems.
  • Publish verifiable reviews in a public git repository.
  • People download your reviews, you download reviews of others.
  • Build a web of trust veting whole Rust ecosystem.
  • Gain reputation and trust. Maybe even monetize it, by reving code for money.
  • Implement it in your company and/or team to stay ahead!
  • Never again get bitten by unreviewed and untrusted code.

Getting started

Static binaries are availble on crev's releases page.

Follow the cargo-crev - Getting Started Guide (more documentation available on

cargo-crev is a work in progress, but it should be usable at all times. Join crev gitter channel, get help, report problems and feedback. Thank you!


Changelog can be found here: