arrayvec 0.4.12

A vector with fixed capacity, backed by an array (it can be stored on the stack too). Implements fixed capacity ArrayVec and ArrayString.

arrayvec provides the types ArrayVec and ArrayString: array-backed vector and string types, which store their contents inline.

The arrayvec package has the following cargo features:

  • std

  • Optional, enabled by default

  • Use libstd; disable to use no_std instead.

  • serde-1

  • Optional

  • Enable serialization for ArrayVec and ArrayString using serde 1.0

  • array-sizes-33-128, array-sizes-129-255

  • Optional

  • Enable more array sizes (see [Array] for more information)

Rust Version

This version of arrayvec requires Rust 1.13 or later.