[][src]Struct bitcoincore_rpc::Client

pub struct Client { /* fields omitted */ }

Client implements a JSON-RPC client for the Bitcoin Core daemon or compatible APIs.


impl Client[src]

pub fn new(url: String, auth: Auth) -> Result<Self>[src]

Creates a client to a bitcoind JSON-RPC server.

Can only return Err when using cookie authentication.

pub fn from_jsonrpc(client: Client) -> Client[src]

Create a new Client.

pub fn get_jsonrpc_client(&self) -> &Client[src]

Get the underlying JSONRPC client.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Client[src]

impl RpcApi for Client[src]

fn call<T: for<'a> Deserialize<'a>>(
    cmd: &str,
    args: &[Value]
) -> Result<T>

Call an cmd rpc with given args list

Auto Trait Implementations

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