[][src]Trait bitcoincore_rpc::Queryable

pub trait Queryable<C: RpcApi>: Sized {
    type Id;
    fn query(rpc: &C, id: &Self::Id) -> Result<Self>;

A type that can be queried from Bitcoin Core.

Associated Types

type Id[src]

Type of the ID used to query the item.

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Required methods

fn query(rpc: &C, id: &Self::Id) -> Result<Self>[src]

Query the item using rpc and convert to Self.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<C: RpcApi> Queryable<C> for Block[src]

type Id = BlockHash

impl<C: RpcApi> Queryable<C> for Transaction[src]

type Id = Txid

impl<C: RpcApi> Queryable<C> for Option<GetTxOutResult>[src]

type Id = OutPoint

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