[][src]Struct bitcoincore_rpc_json::GetBlockchainInfoResult

pub struct GetBlockchainInfoResult {
    pub chain: String,
    pub blocks: u64,
    pub headers: u64,
    pub best_block_hash: BlockHash,
    pub difficulty: f64,
    pub median_time: u64,
    pub verification_progress: f64,
    pub initial_block_download: bool,
    pub chain_work: Vec<u8>,
    pub size_on_disk: u64,
    pub pruned: bool,
    pub prune_height: Option<u64>,
    pub automatic_pruning: Option<bool>,
    pub prune_target_size: Option<u64>,
    pub softforks: HashMap<String, Softfork>,
    pub warnings: String,

Models the result of "getblockchaininfo"


chain: String

Current network name as defined in BIP70 (main, test, regtest)

blocks: u64

The current number of blocks processed in the server

headers: u64

The current number of headers we have validated

best_block_hash: BlockHash

The hash of the currently best block

difficulty: f64

The current difficulty

median_time: u64

Median time for the current best block

verification_progress: f64

Estimate of verification progress [0..1]

initial_block_download: bool

Estimate of whether this node is in Initial Block Download mode

chain_work: Vec<u8>

Total amount of work in active chain, in hexadecimal

size_on_disk: u64

The estimated size of the block and undo files on disk

pruned: bool

If the blocks are subject to pruning

prune_height: Option<u64>

Lowest-height complete block stored (only present if pruning is enabled)

automatic_pruning: Option<bool>

Whether automatic pruning is enabled (only present if pruning is enabled)

prune_target_size: Option<u64>

The target size used by pruning (only present if automatic pruning is enabled)

softforks: HashMap<String, Softfork>

Status of softforks in progress

warnings: String

Any network and blockchain warnings.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GetBlockchainInfoResult[src]

impl Debug for GetBlockchainInfoResult[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for GetBlockchainInfoResult[src]

impl Serialize for GetBlockchainInfoResult[src]

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