Crate bevy_mod_picking

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pub use crate::events::event_debug_system;
pub use crate::events::mesh_events_system;
pub use crate::events::HoverEvent;
pub use crate::events::PickingEvent;
pub use crate::events::SelectionEvent;
pub use crate::focus::mesh_focus;
pub use crate::focus::pause_for_picking_blockers;
pub use crate::focus::Hover;
pub use crate::focus::PickingBlocker;
pub use crate::highlight::mesh_highlighting;
pub use crate::highlight::DefaultHighlighting;
pub use crate::highlight::Highlighting;
pub use crate::mouse::update_pick_source_positions;
pub use crate::selection::mesh_selection;
pub use crate::selection::NoDeselect;
pub use crate::selection::Selection;



A highlighting plugin, generic over any asset that might be used for rendering the different highlighting states.
This unit struct is used to tag the generic ray casting types RaycastMesh and RaycastSource. This means that all Picking ray casts are of the same type. Consequently, any meshes or ray sources that are being used by the picking plugin can be used by other ray casting systems because they will have distinct types, e.g.: RaycastMesh<PickingRaycastSet> vs. RaycastMesh<MySuperCoolRaycastingType>, and as such wil not result in collisions.
Marks an entity as pickable, with type T.
The RaycastSource component is used to generate rays with the specified cast_method. A ray is generated when the RaycastSource is initialized, either by waiting for update_raycast system to process the ray, or by using a with_ray function.


Type Definitions

A type alias for the concrete RaycastMesh type used for Picking.
A type alias for the concrete RaycastSource type used for Picking.