[][src]Struct wikibase::SearchResultEntity

pub struct SearchResultEntity { /* fields omitted */ }

Search-result entity

Struct that holds all the data about a search result. The difference to a normal entity is that no claims and sitelinks are returned. The label, description and aliases are only returned for one language.


impl SearchResultEntity[src]

pub fn new<S: Into<String>>(
    id: S,
    entity_type: EntityType,
    label: LocaleString,
    description: Option<LocaleString>,
    aliases: Vec<LocaleString>
) -> SearchResultEntity

pub fn aliases(&self) -> &Vec<LocaleString>[src]

pub fn description(&self) -> &Option<LocaleString>[src]

pub fn id(&self) -> &str[src]

pub fn label(&self) -> &LocaleString[src]

pub fn set_aliases(&mut self, aliases: Vec<LocaleString>)[src]

pub fn set_descriptions(&mut self, description: Option<LocaleString>)[src]

pub fn set_labels(&mut self, label: LocaleString)[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for SearchResultEntity[src]

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