wikibase 0.3.0

A library to access Wikibase

Wikibase RS

A tool to communicate with Wikibase (the most famous instance being Wikidata). Currently only reading the JSON-API is possible. Parsing the JSON-dumps and editing Wikibase are on the roadmap.


cargo install wikibase


See documentation linked from


This tool and the community around it are part of the Wikimedia movement. Everybody is welcome to contribute. Plase refer to this guide before contributing.


GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later (GPL-2.0+)

Repository / Issue tracker

Free software using Wikibase RS

Custom Wikibase instance

By default Wikibase RS will use Wikidata. To use a different Wikibase instance you have to change the default configuration:

let configuration = wikibase::Configuration::new("My-Fancy-App/1.0").unwrap();


Dedicated to Krzysztof Machocki. We will remember Krzysztof with his contagious enthusiasm and dedication, for his vast encyclopedic knowledge and wit, for his faith in how Wikipedia makes the world better, both online and offline. We lose him but let us not lose the faith he shared with the world. The memory of him remains and his Wikipedia legacy will continue to help the world.