Struct wgpu::Adapter[][src]

pub struct Adapter { /* fields omitted */ }

Handle to a physical graphics and/or compute device.

Adapters can be used to open a connection to the corresponding Device on the host system by using Adapter::request_device.

Does not have to be kept alive.


impl Adapter[src]

pub fn request_device(
    desc: &DeviceDescriptor<'_>,
    trace_path: Option<&Path>
) -> impl Future<Output = Result<(Device, Queue), RequestDeviceError>> + Send

Requests a connection to a physical device, creating a logical device.

Returns the Device together with a Queue that executes command buffers.


  • desc - Description of the features and limits requested from the given device.
  • trace_path - Can be used for API call tracing, if that feature is enabled in wgpu-core.


  • Features specified by desc are not supported by this adapter.
  • Unsafe features were requested but not enabled when requesting the adapter.
  • Limits requested exceed the values provided by the adapter.
  • Adapter does not support all features wgpu requires to safely operate.

pub fn get_swap_chain_preferred_format(
    surface: &Surface
) -> Option<TextureFormat>

Returns an optimal texture format to use for the SwapChain with this adapter.

Returns None if the surface is incompatible with the adapter.

pub fn features(&self) -> Features[src]

List all features that are supported with this adapter.

Features must be explicitly requested in Adapter::request_device in order to use them.

pub fn limits(&self) -> Limits[src]

List the “best” limits that are supported by this adapter.

Limits must be explicitly requested in Adapter::request_device to set the values that you are allowed to use.

pub fn get_info(&self) -> AdapterInfo[src]

Get info about the adapter itself.

pub fn get_texture_format_features(
    format: TextureFormat
) -> TextureFormatFeatures

Returns the features supported for a given texture format by this adapter.

Note that the WebGPU spec further restricts the available usages/features. To disable these restrictions on a device, request the Features::TEXTURE_ADAPTER_SPECIFIC_FORMAT_FEATURES feature.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Adapter[src]

impl Drop for Adapter[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Adapter

impl Send for Adapter

impl Sync for Adapter

impl Unpin for Adapter

impl !UnwindSafe for Adapter

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