[][src]Struct wasmer_compiler_llvm::LLVMCompiler

pub struct LLVMCompiler { /* fields omitted */ }

A compiler that compiles a WebAssembly module with LLVM, translating the Wasm to LLVM IR, optimizing it and then translating to assembly.


impl LLVMCompiler[src]

pub fn new(config: LLVM) -> LLVMCompiler[src]

Creates a new LLVM compiler

Trait Implementations

impl Compiler for LLVMCompiler[src]

pub fn compile_module<'data, 'module>(
    target: &Target,
    compile_info: &'module mut CompileModuleInfo,
    module_translation: &ModuleTranslationState,
    function_body_inputs: PrimaryMap<LocalFunctionIndex, FunctionBodyData<'data>>
) -> Result<Compilation, CompileError>

Compile the module using LLVM, producing a compilation result with associated relocations.

Auto Trait Implementations

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