[][src]Struct wasmer_compiler_llvm::LLVM

pub struct LLVM { /* fields omitted */ }


impl LLVM[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a new configuration object with the default configuration specified.

pub fn canonicalize_nans(&mut self, enable: bool) -> &mut Self[src]

Enable NaN canonicalization.

NaN canonicalization is useful when trying to run WebAssembly deterministically across different architectures.

pub fn opt_level(&mut self, opt_level: LLVMOptLevel) -> &mut Self[src]

The optimization levels when optimizing the IR.

pub fn callbacks(
    &mut self,
    callbacks: Option<Arc<dyn LLVMCallbacks>>
) -> &mut Self

Callbacks that will triggered in the different compilation phases in LLVM.

pub fn target_machine(&self, target: &Target) -> TargetMachine[src]

Generates the target machine for the current target

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for LLVM[src]

impl CompilerConfig for LLVM[src]

pub fn enable_pic(&mut self)[src]

Emit code suitable for dlopen.

pub fn enable_verifier(&mut self)[src]

Whether to verify compiler IR.

pub fn compiler(self: Box<Self>) -> Box<dyn Compiler>[src]

Transform it into the compiler.

pub fn push_middleware(&mut self, middleware: Arc<dyn ModuleMiddleware>)[src]

Pushes a middleware onto the back of the middleware chain.

impl Debug for LLVM[src]

impl Default for LLVM[src]

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