Struct trust_dns::client::SecureSyncClient [] [src]

pub struct SecureSyncClient { /* fields omitted */ }

A DNS client which will validate DNSSec records upon receipt


impl SecureSyncClient

Creates a new DNS client with the specified connection type


  • client_connection - the client_connection to use for all communication


DNSSec validating query, this will return an error if the requested records can not be validated against the trust_anchor.

Deprecated This function only exists for backward compatibility. It's just a wrapper around Client::query at this point

When the resolver receives an answer via the normal DNS lookup process, it then checks to make sure that the answer is correct. Then starts with verifying the DS and DNSKEY records at the DNS root. Then use the DS records for the top level domain found at the root, e.g. 'com', to verify the DNSKEY records in the 'com' zone. From there see if there is a DS record for the subdomain, e.g. '', in the 'com' zone, and if there is use the DS record to verify a DNSKEY record found in the '' zone. Finally, verify the RRSIG record found in the answer for the rrset, e.g. ''.

Note As of now, this will not recurse on PTR or CNAME record responses, that is up to the caller.


  • query_name - the label to lookup
  • query_class - most likely this should always be DNSClass::IN
  • query_type - record type to lookup

Trait Implementations

impl Client<SecureClientHandle<BasicClientHandle>> for SecureSyncClient

get a mutable reference to the tokio Core associated to the Client

Get a mutable handle reference tot the Core assiated to the Client

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