Struct tinychain::gateway::Gateway[][src]

pub struct Gateway { /* fields omitted */ }

Responsible for handling inbound and outbound traffic over the network.


impl Gateway[src]

pub fn time() -> NetworkTime[src]

Return the current timestamp.

pub fn new(config: Config, kernel: Kernel, txn_server: TxnServer) -> Arc<Self>[src]

Initialize a new Gateway

pub fn root(&self) -> &LinkHost[src]

Return the network address of this Gateway

Return a Link to the given path at this host.

pub async fn new_txn(
    self: &Arc<Self>,
    txn_id: TxnId,
    token: Option<String>
) -> TCResult<Txn>

Authorize a transaction to execute on this host.

pub async fn fetch<T: FromStream<Context = ()>>(
    txn_id: &TxnId,
    link: &Link,
    key: &Value
) -> TCResult<T>

Read a simple value.

pub async fn get(&self, txn: &Txn, link: Link, key: Value) -> TCResult<State>[src]

Read the State with the given key at link.

pub fn put<'a>(
    &'a self,
    txn: &'a Txn,
    link: Link,
    key: Value,
    value: State
) -> Pin<Box<dyn Future<Output = TCResult<()>> + Send + 'a>>

Update the State with the given key at link to value.

pub async fn post(
    txn: &Txn,
    link: Link,
    params: State
) -> TCResult<State>

Execute the POST op at subject with the params

pub async fn delete(&self, txn: &Txn, link: Link, key: Value) -> TCResult<()>[src]

Delete the State with the given key at link.

pub fn listen(
    self: Arc<Self>
) -> Pin<Box<impl Future<Output = Result<(), Box<dyn Error>>> + 'static>>

Start this Gateway’s server

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Gateway

impl Send for Gateway

impl Sync for Gateway

impl Unpin for Gateway

impl !UnwindSafe for Gateway

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