Struct tinychain::txn::Txn[][src]

pub struct Txn { /* fields omitted */ }

A transaction context.


impl Txn[src]

pub fn ref_count(&self) -> usize[src]

Return the current number of strong references to this Txn.

pub async fn claim(
    actor: &Actor,
    cluster_path: TCPathBuf
) -> TCResult<Self>

Claim ownership of this transaction.

pub async fn grant(
    actor: &Actor,
    cluster_path: TCPathBuf,
    scopes: Vec<Scope>
) -> TCResult<Self>

pub fn is_owner(&self, cluster_path: &[PathSegment]) -> bool[src]

Check if the cluster at the specified path on this host is the owner of the transaction.

pub fn owner(&self) -> Option<&Link>[src]

Return the owner of this transaction, if there is one.

Return a link to the given path on this host.

pub fn request(&self) -> &Request[src]

Return the Request which initiated this transaction on this host.

pub async fn get(&self, link: Link, key: Value) -> TCResult<State>[src]

Resolve a GET op within this transaction context.

pub async fn put(&self, link: Link, key: Value, value: State) -> TCResult<()>[src]

Resolve a PUT op within this transaction context.

pub async fn post(&self, link: Link, params: State) -> TCResult<State>[src]

Resolve a POST op within this transaction context.

pub async fn delete(&self, link: Link, key: Value) -> TCResult<()>[src]

Resolve a DELETE op within this transaction context.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Txn[src]

impl Hash for Txn[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Txn

impl Send for Txn

impl Sync for Txn

impl Unpin for Txn

impl !UnwindSafe for Txn

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