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HAL for the STM32F1 family of microcontrollers

This is an implementation of the embedded-hal traits for the STM32F1 family of microcontrollers.


Building an application (binary crate)

A detailed usage guide can be found in the README

supported microcontrollers are:

  • stm32f103
  • stm32f101
  • stm32f100
  • stm32f105
  • stm32f107


This crate supports multiple microcontrollers in the stm32f1 family. Which specific microcontroller you want to build for has to be specified with a feature, for example stm32f103.

If no microcontroller is specified, the crate will not compile.

The currently supported variants are

  • stm32f100
  • stm32f101
  • stm32f103
  • stm32f105
  • stm32f107

You may also need to specify the density of the device with medium, high or xl to enable certain peripherals. Generally the density can be determined by the 2nd character after the number in the device name (i.e. For STM32F103C6U, the 6 indicates a low-density device) but check the datasheet or CubeMX to be sure.

  • 4, 6 => low density, no feature required
  • 8, B => medium feature
  • C, D, E => high feature
  • F, G => xl feature

Commonly used setup

Almost all peripherals require references to some registers in RCC and AFIO. The following code shows how to set up those registers

// Get access to the device specific peripherals from the peripheral access crate
let dp = pac::Peripherals::take().unwrap();

// Take ownership over the raw flash and rcc devices and convert them into the corresponding
// HAL structs
let mut flash = dp.FLASH.constrain();
let mut rcc = dp.RCC.constrain();

// Freeze the configuration of all the clocks in the system and store the frozen frequencies in
// `clocks`
let clocks = rcc.cfgr.freeze(&mut flash.acr);

// Prepare the alternate function I/O registers
let mut afio = dp.AFIO.constrain();

Usage examples

See the examples folder.

Most of the examples require the following additional dependencies

embedded-hal = "0.2.3"
nb = "0.1.2"
cortex-m = "0.6.2"
cortex-m-rt = "0.6.11"
# Panic behaviour, see for alternatives
panic-halt = "0.2.0"


API for the Analog to Digital converter
Alternate Function I/Os
Registers that are not reset as long as Vbat or Vdd has power.
Bit banding
Controller Area Network (CAN) Interface
Direct Memory Access
Flash memory
General Purpose I/Os
Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) bus
Peripheral access API for STM32F103 microcontrollers (generated using svd2rust v0.24.1 ( ))
Reset & Control Clock
Real time clock
Serial Communication (USART)
Serial Peripheral Interface
Time units
USB peripheral
Watchdog peripherals