Struct syntax_pos::hygiene::ExpnInfo[][src]

pub struct ExpnInfo {
    pub call_site: Span,
    pub callee: NameAndSpan,

Extra information for tracking spans of macro and syntax sugar expansion


The location of the actual macro invocation or syntax sugar , e.g. let x = foo!(); or if let Some(y) = x {}

This may recursively refer to other macro invocations, e.g. if foo!() invoked bar!() internally, and there was an expression inside bar!; the call_site of the expression in the expansion would point to the bar! invocation; that call_site span would have its own ExpnInfo, with the call_site pointing to the foo! invocation.

Information about the expansion.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ExpnInfo

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for ExpnInfo

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