Struct syntax_pos::hygiene::NameAndSpan[][src]

pub struct NameAndSpan {
    pub format: ExpnFormat,
    pub allow_internal_unstable: bool,
    pub allow_internal_unsafe: bool,
    pub edition: Edition,
    pub span: Option<Span>,


The format with which the macro was invoked.

Whether the macro is allowed to use #[unstable]/feature-gated features internally without forcing the whole crate to opt-in to them.

Whether the macro is allowed to use unsafe internally even if the user crate has #![forbid(unsafe_code)].

Edition of the crate in which the macro is defined.

The span of the macro definition itself. The macro may not have a sensible definition span (e.g. something defined completely inside libsyntax) in which case this is None.


impl NameAndSpan

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for NameAndSpan

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impl Hash for NameAndSpan

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impl Debug for NameAndSpan

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impl Encodable for NameAndSpan

impl Decodable for NameAndSpan

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for NameAndSpan

impl !Sync for NameAndSpan