Struct rustc_errors::Diagnostic[][src]

pub struct Diagnostic { pub level: Level, pub message: Vec<(String, Style)>, pub code: Option<DiagnosticId>, pub span: MultiSpan, pub children: Vec<SubDiagnostic>, pub suggestions: Vec<CodeSuggestion>, }



impl Diagnostic

Cancel the diagnostic (a structured diagnostic must either be emitted or canceled or it will panic when dropped).

Add a span/label to be included in the resulting snippet. This is pushed onto the MultiSpan that was created when the diagnostic was first built. If you don't call this function at all, and you just supplied a Span to create the diagnostic, then the snippet will just include that Span, which is called the primary span.

Prints out a message with a suggested edit of the code. If the suggestion is presented inline it will only show the text message and not the text.

See CodeSuggestion for more information.

Prints out a message with a suggested edit of the code.

In case of short messages and a simple suggestion, rustc displays it as a label like

"try adding parentheses: (tup.0).1"

The message

  • should not end in any punctuation (a : is added automatically)
  • should not be a question
  • should not contain any parts like "the following", "as shown"
  • may look like "to do xyz, use" or "to do xyz, use abc"
  • may contain a name of a function, variable or type, but not whole expressions

See CodeSuggestion for more information.

Prints out a message with multiple suggested edits of the code.

This is a suggestion that may contain mistakes or fillers and should be read and understood by a human.

Used by a lint. Copies over all details but the "main message".

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