Struct rustc_errors::CodeSuggestion[][src]

pub struct CodeSuggestion {
    pub substitutions: Vec<Substitution>,
    pub msg: String,
    pub show_code_when_inline: bool,
    pub applicability: Applicability,


Each substitute can have multiple variants due to multiple applicable suggestions might be replaced with a.b or x.y by replacing foo and bar on their own:

    Substitution { parts: vec![(0..3, "a"), (4..7, "b")] },
    Substitution { parts: vec![(0..3, "x"), (4..7, "y")] },

or by replacing the entire span:

    Substitution { parts: vec![(0..7, "a.b")] },
    Substitution { parts: vec![(0..7, "x.y")] },

Whether or not the suggestion is approximate

Sometimes we may show suggestions with placeholders, which are useful for users but not useful for tools like rustfix


impl CodeSuggestion

Returns the assembled code suggestions and whether they should be shown with an underline.

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