Struct rslint_core::LintResult[][src]

pub struct LintResult<'s> {
    pub parser_diagnostics: Vec<Diagnostic>,
    pub rule_results: HashMap<&'static str, RuleResult>,
    pub directive_diagnostics: Vec<DirectiveError>,
    pub store: &'s CstRuleStore,
    pub parsed: SyntaxNode,
    pub file_id: usize,
    pub verbose: bool,
    pub fixed_code: Option<String>,
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The result of linting a file.


parser_diagnostics: Vec<Diagnostic>

Any diagnostics (errors, warnings, etc) emitted from the parser

rule_results: HashMap<&'static str, RuleResult>

The diagnostics emitted by each rule run

directive_diagnostics: Vec<DirectiveError>

Any warnings or errors emitted by the directive parser

store: &'s CstRuleStoreparsed: SyntaxNodefile_id: usizeverbose: boolfixed_code: Option<String>


Get all of the diagnostics thrown during linting, in the order of parser diagnostics, then the diagnostics of each rule sequentially.

The overall outcome of linting this file (failure, warning, success, etc)

Attempt to automatically fix any fixable issues and return the fixed code.

This will not run if there are syntax errors unless dirty is set to true.

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