[][src]Struct rslint_core::DirectiveParser

pub struct DirectiveParser<'store> {
    pub root_node: SyntaxNode,
    pub declarator: String,
    // some fields omitted


root_node: SyntaxNodedeclarator: String

A string denoting the start of a directive, rslint- by default.


impl<'store> DirectiveParser<'store>[src]

pub fn new(
    root_node: SyntaxNode,
    file_id: usize,
    store: &'store CstRuleStore
) -> Self

Make a new directive parser from the root node of a file.


Panics if the node's kind is not SCRIPT or MODULE

pub fn get_file_directives(
) -> Result<Vec<DirectiveParseResult>, Diagnostic>

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'store> !RefUnwindSafe for DirectiveParser<'store>

impl<'store> Send for DirectiveParser<'store>

impl<'store> Sync for DirectiveParser<'store>

impl<'store> Unpin for DirectiveParser<'store>

impl<'store> !UnwindSafe for DirectiveParser<'store>

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