[][src]Struct rslint_core::CstRuleStore

pub struct CstRuleStore {
    pub rules: Vec<Box<dyn CstRule>>,

A utility structure for housing CST rules for a linting run.


rules: Vec<Box<dyn CstRule>>


impl CstRuleStore[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

pub fn builtins(self) -> Self[src]

All built in rules from every group.

pub fn load_rules(&mut self, rules: impl IntoIterator<Item = Box<dyn CstRule>>)[src]

Load a list of rules into this store.

pub fn get(&self, rule_name: impl AsRef<str>) -> Option<Box<dyn CstRule>>[src]

Get a rule using its rule name from this store.


use rslint_core::CstRuleStore;


Trait Implementations

impl Clone for CstRuleStore[src]

impl Debug for CstRuleStore[src]

impl Default for CstRuleStore[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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