[]Struct recrypt::api::Recrypt

pub struct Recrypt<H, S, R> { /* fields omitted */ }

Recrypt public API - 256-bit


impl Recrypt<Sha256, Ed25519, RandomBytes<ThreadRng>>

impl<CR: CryptoRng + RngCore> Recrypt<Sha256, Ed25519, RandomBytes<CR>>

Trait Implementations

impl<H: Sha256Hashing, S, CR: RngCore + CryptoRng> SchnorrOps for Recrypt<H, S, RandomBytes<CR>>

impl<H, S, CR: RngCore + CryptoRng> Ed25519Ops for Recrypt<H, S, RandomBytes<CR>>

fn generate_ed25519_key_pair(&mut self) -> SigningKeypair

Generate a signing key pair for use with the Ed25519Signing trait using the random number generator used to back the RandomBytes struct.

impl<R: RandomBytesGen, H: Sha256Hashing, S: Ed25519Signing> KeyGenOps for Recrypt<H, S, R>

impl<R: RandomBytesGen, H: Sha256Hashing, S: Ed25519Signing> CryptoOps for Recrypt<H, S, R>

impl Default for Recrypt<Sha256, Ed25519, RandomBytes<ThreadRng>>

impl<H: Debug, S: Debug, R: Debug> Debug for Recrypt<H, S, R>

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<H, S, R> Send for Recrypt<H, S, R> where
    H: Send,
    R: Send,
    S: Send

impl<H, S, R> Sync for Recrypt<H, S, R> where
    H: Sync,
    R: Sync,
    S: Sync

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