[]Trait recrypt::api::Hashable

pub trait Hashable {
    fn to_bytes(&self) -> ByteVector;

Typeclass for converting an implementing type to a stable byte representation which can be used for hashing (and thus the hash value will also remain consistent) Inverse of BytesDecoder

Required methods

fn to_bytes(&self) -> ByteVector

Convert self to a stable byte representation.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Hashable for u8

impl<T> Hashable for [T] where
    T: Hashable

impl<T, '_> Hashable for &'_ [T] where
    T: Hashable

impl<T> Hashable for Vec<T> where
    T: Hashable

impl<'a, T: Hashable, U: Hashable> Hashable for &'a (T, U)

impl<'a, T: Hashable, U: Hashable> Hashable for (&'a T, &'a U)

impl<'a, T: Hashable, U: Hashable, V: Hashable> Hashable for (&'a T, &'a U, &'a V)

impl<'a, T: Hashable, U: Hashable, V: Hashable, W: Hashable> Hashable for (&'a T, &'a U, &'a V, &'a W)

impl<'a, T: Hashable, U: Hashable, V: Hashable, W: Hashable, X: Hashable> Hashable for (&'a T, &'a U, &'a V, &'a W, &'a X)

impl<T: Hashable + Copy> Hashable for Option<T>

impl Hashable for Monty

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impl Hashable for recrypt::api::EncryptedTempKey

impl Hashable for recrypt::api::HashedValue

impl Hashable for recrypt::api::Plaintext

impl Hashable for recrypt::api::PublicKey

impl Hashable for PublicSigningKey

impl Hashable for recrypt::api::TransformKey

impl Hashable for recrypt::api_480::EncryptedTempKey

impl Hashable for recrypt::api_480::HashedValue

impl Hashable for recrypt::api_480::Plaintext

impl Hashable for PrivateKey

impl Hashable for recrypt::api_480::PublicKey

impl Hashable for recrypt::api_480::TransformKey

impl<T: Hashable + Clone> Hashable for NonEmptyVec<T>

impl<T: Hashable32> Hashable for T

All Hashable32s are Hashable

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