Crate mterm[][src]


Used to build the window to host the ASCII rendering.

Contains the font pixel data for custom fonts.

Can provide information about a key press or release, and will maintain the current state of shift modifiers at all time.

Provides information about the position of the mouse pointer, its buttons and scroll wheel.

Provides presentation information and contains the arrays that can be mutated to update the window’s contents.

Contains information for the tick method in App.


Basic colours for convenience.

All the possible errors that can occur from mterm.

Provides feedback to mterm’s main loop instructing whether the images were written to.

Provides feedback to mterm’s main loop instructing it whether to keep ticking or to stop and exit the application.


Application trait for hooking into the main loop of mterm.


Generate a u32 compatible with the presentation arrays from colour components.

Load a font from a given image in a byte array and generate a FontData structure.

Start the main loop.

Type Definitions

A result that can possible return an mterm::Error.