[][src]Struct json5format::FormatOptions

pub struct FormatOptions {
    pub indent_by: usize,
    pub trailing_commas: bool,
    pub collapse_containers_of_one: bool,
    pub sort_array_items: bool,
    pub options_by_path: HashMap<&'static str, HashSet<PathOption>>,

Options that change the style of the formatted JSON5 output.


indent_by: usize

Indent the content of an object or array by this many spaces.

trailing_commas: bool

Add a trailing comma after the last element in an array or object.

collapse_containers_of_one: bool

If an array or object has only one item (or is empty), and no internal comments, collapse the array or object to a single line.

sort_array_items: bool

If true, sort array primitive values lexicographically. Be aware that the order may not matter in some use cases, but can be very important in others. Consider setting this option for specific property paths only, and otherwise use the default (false).

options_by_path: HashMap<&'static str, HashSet<PathOption>>

A set of "paths", to identify elements of the JSON structure, mapped to a set of one or more PathOption settings.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FormatOptions[src]

impl Debug for FormatOptions[src]

impl Default for FormatOptions[src]

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