[][src]Enum json5format::PathOption

pub enum PathOption {
    PropertyNameOrder(Vec<&'static str>),

Options that can be applied to specific objects or arrays in the target JSON5 schema, through FormatOptions.options_by_path. Each option can be set at most once per unique path.



For matched paths, overrides the FormatOption.trailing_comma provided default.


For matched paths, overrides the FormatOption.collapse_container_of_one provided default.


For matched paths, overrides the FormatOption.sort_array_items provided default.

PropertyNameOrder(Vec<&'static str>)

Contains a vector of property names. When formatting an object matching the path in FormatOptions.options_by_path a specified path, properties of the object will be sorted to match the given order. Any properties not in this list will retain their original order, and placed after the sorted properties.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PathOption[src]

impl Debug for PathOption[src]

impl Eq for PathOption[src]

impl Hash for PathOption[src]

impl PartialEq<PathOption> for PathOption[src]

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