[][src]Struct imgui_wgpu::Renderer

pub struct Renderer {
    pub textures: Textures<Texture>,
    // some fields omitted


textures: Textures<Texture>

Textures of the font atlas and all images.


impl Renderer[src]

pub fn new(
    imgui: &mut Context,
    device: &Device,
    queue: &Queue,
    config: RendererConfig<'_, '_>
) -> Self

Create an entirely new imgui wgpu renderer.

pub fn render<'r>(
    &'r mut self,
    draw_data: &DrawData,
    queue: &Queue,
    device: &Device,
    rpass: &mut RenderPass<'r>
) -> RendererResult<()>

Render the current imgui frame.

pub fn reload_font_texture(
    &mut self,
    imgui: &mut Context,
    device: &Device,
    queue: &Queue

Updates the texture on the GPU corresponding to the current imgui font atlas.

This has to be called after loading a font.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Renderer

impl Send for Renderer

impl Sync for Renderer

impl Unpin for Renderer

impl !UnwindSafe for Renderer

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