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Gotham – A flexible web framework that promotes stability, safety, security and speed.

You can find out more about Gotham, including where to get help, at

We look forward to welcoming you into the Gotham community!



  • Extracts request data into type-safe structs using Serde.
  • Defines types for handlers, the primary building block of a Gotham application.
  • Helpers, e.g. for HTTP request handling and response generation
  • Defines types for Middleware, a reusable unit of logic that can apply to a group of requests by being added to the Pipeline in a Router.
  • Defines types for a middleware pipeline
  • Functions for creating a Gotham service using HTTP.
  • A collection of useful traits and macros that should always be imported.
  • Defines the Gotham Router and supporting types.
  • Defines the GothamService type which is used to wrap a Gotham application and interface with Hyper.
  • Defines types for passing request state through Middleware and Handler implementations
  • Test utilities for Gotham and Gotham consumer apps.
  • Functions for creating a Gotham service using HTTPS.


  • The error that can occur when starting the gotham server.


  • Returns a Future used to spawn a Gotham application.