Struct gfx_phase::Phase [] [src]

pub struct Phase<R: Resources, M: Material, V: ToDepth, T: Technique<R, M, V>, Y> {
    pub name: String,
    pub technique: T,
    pub sort: Option<OrderFun<V::Depth, T::Kernel, T::Params>>,
    // some fields omitted

Phase is doing batch construction, accumulation, and memorization, based on a given technique.


Phase name.

Contained technique.

Sorting function.


impl<R: Resources, M: Material, V: ToDepth, T: Technique<R, M, V>> Phase<R, M, V, T, ()>

Create a new phase from a given technique.

Enable sorting of rendered objects.

Enable caching of created render objects.

Trait Implementations

impl<R: Resources, M: Material, V: ToDepth + Copy, T: Technique<R, M, V>, Y: Memory<(T::Kernel, Mesh<R>), Object<V::Depth, T::Kernel, T::Params>>> AbstractPhase<R, M, V> for Phase<R, M, V, T, Y> where
    T::Params: Clone,
    <T::Params as ShaderParam>::Link: Clone

Add an entity to the queue.

Flush the queue into a given stream.