Struct gfx_phase::Object [] [src]

pub struct Object<S, K, P: ShaderParam> {
    pub batch: Core<P>,
    pub params: P,
    pub slice: Slice<P::Resources>,
    pub instances: Option<InstanceCount>,
    pub depth: S,
    pub kernel: K,
    pub state: DrawState,

A rendering object, encapsulating the batch and additional info needed for sorting. It is only exposed for this matter and accessed by immutable references by the user.



impl<S: PartialOrd, K, P: ShaderParam> Object<S, K, P>

A helper method to compare the depth, which is only partially ordered.

Trait Implementations

impl<S: Copy, K: Copy, P: ShaderParam + Clone> Clone for Object<S, K, P> where
    P::Link: Clone

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