Struct cxx::CxxString[][src]

#[repr(C)]pub struct CxxString { /* fields omitted */ }

Binding to C++ std::string.


As an invariant of this API and the static analysis of the cxx::bridge macro, in Rust code we can never obtain a CxxString by value. C++'s string requires a move constructor and may hold internal pointers, which is not compatible with Rust's move behavior. Instead in Rust code we will only ever look at a CxxString through a reference or smart pointer, as in &CxxString or UniquePtr<CxxString>.


impl CxxString[src]

pub fn new<T: Private>() -> Self[src]

CxxString is not constructible via new. Instead, use the let_cxx_string! macro.

pub fn len(&self) -> usize[src]

Returns the length of the string in bytes.

Matches the behavior of C++ std::string::size.

pub fn is_empty(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns true if self has a length of zero bytes.

Matches the behavior of C++ std::string::empty.

pub fn as_bytes(&self) -> &[u8][src]

Returns a byte slice of this string's contents.

pub fn as_ptr(&self) -> *const u8[src]

Produces a pointer to the first character of the string.

Matches the behavior of C++ std::string::data.

Note that the return type may look like const char * but is not a const char * in the typical C sense, as C++ strings may contain internal null bytes. As such, the returned pointer only makes sense as a string in combination with the length returned by len().

pub fn to_str(&self) -> Result<&str, Utf8Error>[src]

Validates that the C++ string contains UTF-8 data and produces a view of it as a Rust &str, otherwise an error.

pub fn to_string_lossy(&self) -> Cow<'_, str>[src]

If the contents of the C++ string are valid UTF-8, this function returns a view as a Cow::Borrowed &str. Otherwise replaces any invalid UTF-8 sequences with the U+FFFD replacement character and returns a Cow::Owned String.

pub fn push_str(self: Pin<&mut Self>, s: &str)[src]

Appends a given string slice onto the end of this C++ string.

pub fn push_bytes(self: Pin<&mut Self>, bytes: &[u8])[src]

Appends arbitrary bytes onto the end of this C++ string.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for CxxString[src]

impl Display for CxxString[src]

impl ExternType for CxxString[src]

type Kind = Opaque

impl PartialEq<CxxString> for CxxString[src]

impl PartialEq<str> for CxxString[src]

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