whatlang 0.2.0

Natural language detection library. Identifies language of a given text.


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Natural language detection in Rust.


  • Support more than 50 languages
  • 100% written in Rust
  • No external dependencies
  • Super fast
  • Recognizes not only a language, but also a script (Latin, Cyrillic, etc)

Get started

The library is still in active development. Here is the short example how to use it:

Add to you Cargo.toml:


whatlang = "*"

In you program:

extern crate whatlang;

use whatlang::{detect_lang, Lang, Script, Query};

fn main() {
    let text = "Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren!";
    let query = Query::new(text);
    let result = detect_lang(query).unwrap();
    assert_eq!(result.lang, Lang::Deu);
    assert_eq!(result.lang.to_code(), "deu");
    assert_eq!(result.script, Script::Latin);


Your can blacklist undesired languages, passing a vector. In the example blow English and Spanish will be ignored:

let list = [Lang::Eng, Lang::Spa];
let query = Query::new(&text).blacklist(&list);


In similar way, you can whitelist specified languages. In this example, the library will recognize only Esperanto and Russian. Note, if it detects a script that is different from Latin(Esperanto) or Cyrillic(Russian), e.g. Greek, it will return None.

let list = [Lang::Epo, Lang::Rus];
let query = Query::new(&text).whitelist(&list);


  • Support 100 most popular languages
  • Allow to specify blacklist for Query
  • Allow to specify whitelist for Query
  • Improve README example
  • Create demo application
  • Provide some metrics about reliability in Result struct
  • Write doc for public structurs and functions
  • Tune performance
  • Support syntax sugar:
  // Get result
  let result = whatlang::new(&text).detect();

  // Same with blacklist/whitelist, getting directly Lang
  let lang = whatlang::new(&text).blacklist(LIST).detect_lang();

Supported languages

Language ISO 639-3 Enum
Esperanto epo Lang::Epo
English eng Lang::Eng
Russian rus Lang::Rus
Mandarin cmn Lang::Cmn
Spanish spa Lang::Spa
Portuguese por Lang::Por
Italian ita Lang::Ita
Bengali ben Lang::Ben
French fra Lang::Fra
German deu Lang::Deu
Ukrainian ukr Lang::Ukr
Georgian kat Lang::Kat
Arabic arb Lang::Arb
Hindi hin Lang::Hin
Japanese jpn Lang::Jpn
Hebrew heb Lang::Heb
Yiddish ydd Lang::Ydd
Polish pol Lang::Pol
Amharic amh Lang::Amh
Tigrinya tir Lang::Tir
Javanese jav Lang::Jav
Korean kor Lang::Kor
Bokmal nob Lang::Nob
Nynorsk nno Lang::Nno
Danish dan Lang::Dan
Swedish swe Lang::Swe
Finnish fin Lang::Fin
Turkish tur Lang::Tur
Dutch nld Lang::Nld
Hungarian hun Lang::Hun
Czech ces Lang::Ces
Greek ell Lang::Ell
Bulgarian bul Lang::Bul
Belarusian bel Lang::Bel
Marathi mar Lang::Mar
Kannada kan Lang::Kan
Romanian ron Lang::Ron
Slovene slv Lang::Slv
Croatian hrv Lang::Hrv
Serbian srp Lang::Srp
Macedonian mkd Lang::Mkd
Lithuanian lit Lang::Lit
Latvian lav Lang::Lav
Estonian est Lang::Est
Tamil tam Lang::Tam
Vietnamese vie Lang::Vie
Urdu urd Lang::Urd
Thai tha Lang::Tha
Gujarati guj Lang::Guj
Uzbek uzb Lang::Uzb
Punjabi pan Lang::Pan
Azerbaijani azj Lang::Azj
Indonesian ind Lang::Ind
Telugu tel Lang::Tel
Persian pes Lang::Pes
Malayalam mal Lang::Mal
Hausa hau Lang::Hau
Oriya ori Lang::Ori
Burmese mya Lang::Mya
Bhojpuri bho Lang::Bho
Tagalog tgl Lang::Tgl
Yoruba yor Lang::Yor
Maithili mai Lang::Mai





  • greyblake Potapov Sergey - creator, maintainer.