whatlang 0.3.0

Natural language detection library. Identifies language of a given text.


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Natural language detection for Rust. Documentation.


  • Supports 84 languages
  • 100% written in Rust
  • No external dependencies
  • Fast
  • Recognizes not only a language, but also a script (Latin, Cyrillic, etc)

Get started

The library is still in active development. Here is the short example how to use it:

Add to you Cargo.toml:


whatlang = "0.3.0"

Small example:

use whatlang::{detect, Lang, Script};

// Detect Esperanto (there are also `detect_lang` and `detect_script` functions)
let info = detect("─łu vi ne volas eklerni Esperanton? Bonvolu!").unwrap();
assert_eq!(info.lang, Lang::Epo);
assert_eq!(info.script, Script::Latin);

Blacklisting and whitelisting

You can create configured detector to apply blacklist or whitelist:

use whatlang::{Detector, Lang};

const WHITELIST : &'static [Lang] = &[Lang::Eng, Lang::Rus];

// You can also create detector using `with_blacklist` function
let detector = Detector::with_whitelist(WHITELIST);

// There are also `detect` and `detect_script` functions
let lang = detector.detect_lang("There is no reason not to learn Esperanto.");
assert_eq!(lang, Some(Lang::Eng));

For more details, please check documentation.

Running benchmarks

cargo bench


  • Support about 100 languages (actually at the moment it's 84)
  • Allow to specify blacklist for Query
  • Allow to specify whitelist for Query
  • Support new API
  • Write doc for public structures and functions
  • Improve README example
  • Implement benchmarks
  • Tune performance
  • Create examples
  • Provide some metrics about reliability(confidence) in Info struct





  • greyblake Potapov Sergey - creator, maintainer.
  • Dr-Emann Zachary Dremann - optimization and improvements