sharded-slab 0.1.4

A lock-free concurrent slab.
# A repository link with the trailing '.git' which will be used to generate
# all commit and issue links
repository = ""
# A constant release title
# subtitle = "sharded-slab"

# specify the style of commit links to generate, defaults to "github" if omitted
link-style = "github"

# The preferred way to set a constant changelog. This file will be read for old changelog
# data, then prepended to for new changelog data. It's the equivilant to setting
# both infile and outfile to the same file.
# Do not use with outfile or infile fields!
# Defaults to stdout when omitted
changelog = ""

# This sets the output format. There are two options "json" or "markdown" and
# defaults to "markdown" when omitted
output-format = "markdown"

# If you use tags, you can set the following if you wish to only pick
# up changes since your latest tag
from-latest-tag = true