sha3sum 1.2.0

sha3sum - compute and check SHA3 message digest.
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# sha3 utilities: Print or check SHA3 digests
Command line that wraps sha3 lib from [RustCrypto/hashes](  
Commands and options are similar to the GNU Linux command shaXXXsum.

One of the goals of this project is to provide a cross-platform solution that does not require external dependencies.

## Install
* Using rust toolschain:  `cargo install sha3sum`
* Otherwise see [Wiki]

## Howto
* Get help:  `sha3sum --help`
* Create for a file an hash Sha3-256  `sha3sum -a 256 <path to file>`
* Create for all file in repository with Keccak512  `sha3sum -a Keccak512 <path>`
* Create a hash for a text file using text mode  `sha3sum -a 384 -t <path to file>`
* Create for a file a hash Sha3-256 with output BSD style  `sha3sum -a 256 --tag <path to file>`
* Read SHA3 sums from the FILEs and check them  `sha3sum -c <path to file>`

## Tests

All releases are build and tested using following OS: 

* Linux: x86_64
* Linux aarch64
* FreeBSD: amd64
* Windows: x86_64
* AppleDarwin: X86_64

[Sources from GitLab]( `git clone`