ordered-float 2.10.1

Wrappers for total ordering on floats

Ordered Floats

Provides several wrapper types for Ord and Eq implementations on f64.


Use the crates.io repository; add this to your Cargo.toml along with the rest of your dependencies:

ordered-float = "2.0"

See the API documentation for further details.


To use ordered_float without requiring the Rust standard library, disable the default std feature:

ordered-float = { version = "2.0", default-features = false }

Optional features

The following optional features can be enabled in Cargo.toml:

  • rand: Adds implementations for various distribution types provided by the rand crate.
  • serde: Implements the serde::Serialize and serde::Deserialize traits.
  • schemars: Implements the schemars::JsonSchema trait.
  • proptest: Implements the proptest::Arbitrary trait.