orbclient 0.3.31

The Orbital Client Library
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The Orbital Client Library. Compatible with Redox and SDL2.

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Platform notes


  • Rust standard toolchain rustup, rustc, cargo (install)
  • Rust web assembly toolchain wasm-pack (install)
  • JavaScript package manager npm (install)
  • Run simple example
    • Navigate to examples/simple director
    • Run npm install
    • Run npm run serve


  • Make sure that you work with the current nightly version of Rust
    • To make sure of that, please use rustup
    • Don't forget to override your work directory with rustup override set nightly
    • Don't forget to update the nightly version of Rust with rustup update nightly
  • SDL2 should be automatically with orbclient if you have trouble try to install it libsdl2-dev manually
    • For example, with Ubuntu, please to type sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev in your console
  • Other problem? Do not hesitate to create a new issue!