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Safe wrapper of obs-sys
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Rust OBS Wrapper

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A safe wrapper around the OBS API, useful for creating OBS sources, filters and effects. The wrapper is quite incomplete and will most likely see dramatic API changes in the future.

This repo also includes plugins creating using the wrapper in the /plugins folder.


Folder Description
/scroll-focus-filter an OBS filter that will zoom into the currently focused X window
/rnnoise-denoiser-filter an OBS filter for removing background noise from your Mic


In your Cargo.toml file add the following section, substituting <module-name> for the name of the module:

obs-wrapper = "0.2"

name = "<module-name>"
crate-type = ["cdylib"]

The process for creating a plugin is:

  1. Create a struct that implements Module
  2. Create a struct that will store the plugin state
  3. Implement the required traits for the module
  4. Enable the traits which have been enabled in the module load method
use obs_wrapper::{
    // Everything required for modules
    // Everything required for creating a source
    // Macro for registering modules
    // Macro for creating strings

// The module that will handle creating the source.
struct TestModule {
    context: ModuleContext

// The source that will be shown inside OBS.
struct TestSource;

// The state of the source that is managed by OBS and used in each trait method.
struct SourceData;

// Implement the Sourceable trait for TestSource, this is required for each source.
// It allows you to specify the source ID and type.
impl Sourceable for TestSource {
    fn get_id() -> ObsString {

    fn get_type() -> SourceType {

// Allow OBS to show a name for the source
impl GetNameSource<SourceData> for TestSource {
    fn get_name() -> ObsString {
        obs_string!("Test Source")

// Implement the Module trait for TestModule. This will handle the creation of the source and
// has some methods for telling OBS a bit about itself.
impl Module for TestModule {
    fn new(context: ModuleContext) -> Self {
        Self { context }

    fn get_ctx(&self) -> &ModuleContext {

    // Load the module - create all sources, returning true if all went well.
    fn load(&mut self, load_context: &mut LoadContext) -> bool {
        // Create the source
        let source = load_context
            .create_source_builder::<TestSource, SourceData>()
            // Since GetNameSource is implemented, this method needs to be called to
            // enable it.

        // Tell OBS about the source so that it will show it.

        // Nothing could have gone wrong, so return true.

    fn description() -> ObsString {
        obs_string!("A great test module.")

    fn name() -> ObsString {
        obs_string!("Test Module")

    fn author() -> ObsString {


  1. Run cargo build --release
  2. Copy /target/release/<module-name>.so to your OBS plugins folder (/usr/lib/obs-plugins/)
  3. The plugin should be available for use from inside OBS


Like obs-studio, obs-wrapper is licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0.

See LICENSE for details.