intel-8080-emu 0.2.0

A small library to emulate an intel 8080.
Intel 8080 emu

An intel 8080 emulator library (another one). Initially implemeted to build a space invaders 
emulator (another another one).

This library provides provides utilities to parse 8080 binary and simulate an 
[8080 microprocessor]( All op codes are implemented and 
there is no external dependencies.


The main struct is `intel_8080_emu::proc_state::Proc8080`. It needs basically two things to work :
 - The memory, a simple `Box<[u8]>` containing the rom and the ram.
 - A structure implementing `intel_8080_emu::proc_state::DataBus` which handles the `IN` and `OUT`

use intel_8080_emu::proc_state::Proc8080;
use foo::bar::MyCustomDataBus;
use std;

// load your rom as an array
let rom: [u8] = load_rom();

// copy the rom into the 8008 memory
let mut memory = Box::new([0x00; 0xffff]); 

let i8080 = Proc8080::new(memory, data_bus);

// we're ready ! 
// Here is naive way to slow down the simulation so that it matches the original speed of the 8080
let mut states = i8080.states();
loop {
    // emulates runs one "step" of the simulation by running the next opcode, mutating the 
    // processor state accordingly and increasing the states count
    // you can manage time with Proc8080:states()
    // A cycle for the 8080 took approximately 500 nanoseconds
    std::thread::sleep(std::time::Duration::from_nanos(500) * (i8080.states() - states)


Possible improvements
 - Maybe better memory handling. It is currently a simple `Box<[u8]>` and does not distinguish 
 between ROM and RAM.