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Intel 8080 emulator

This crates aims to be a flexible library to embed a 8080 emulator. It is currently used to run a space invaders emulator but could be used for others emulators.

The main struct is Proc8080 which emulates the state of a 8080 processor (memory, flags and registers).

The second useful construct is probably the function read_opcode which can be used to build a disassembler backed by this crate opcode implementation.

Here is an example of such a disassembler :

extern crate intel_8080_emu;
use std::fs::File;
use std::io;
use intel_8080_emu::opcode::OpCodes;
fn main() {
    let file_path: Option<String> = std::env::args().skip(1).next();
    match file_path {
        None => {
            eprintln!("usage: disassembler <file>");
        Some(path) => {
            let input: File = File::open(path).expect("file not found");
            let op_codes = OpCodes::new(io::BufReader::new(input));
            let mut count = 0;
            for op_code_result in op_codes {
                let op_code = op_code_result.unwrap();
                println!("0x{:04x?} - {}", count, op_code);
                count += op_code.size();