indy 1.6.6-dev-1

A library for assisting developers using LibIndy API


LibIndy major artifact of the SDK is a C-callable library that provides the basic building blocks for the creation of applications on the top of Hyperledger Indy, which provides a distributed-ledger-based foundation for self-sovereign identity.

indy is a library for assisting developers using LibIndy API.

indy does not include LibIndy. This will need to be built separately. See IndySDK github

using indy

Assumptions: LibIndy is installed. And, you understand the basics.

Step 1

Add indy to Cargo.toml

indy = "1.6.6"

Step 2

setup an environment variable that points to LibIndy library. eg:


Step 3

Use indy. For now, best recommendation is to check out the tests.


Released under Apache 2.0 and MIT. See license files in git repo.